bex is a photographer currently residing in archbald, pennsylvania.  

her fascination with the medium was first piqued at the age of twelve when she discovered her grandfather’s nikon 35mm.  it was her grandmother’s painting, though, that served as her true inspiration, beginning at a young age and continuing on to this day.

bex's focus continued to expand after high school via her studies at the state university of new york brockport campus, where she received degrees in visual communications and broadcast production. upon graduating, bex moved to brooklyn, new york, where she was able to explore a number of opportunities that touched on each of her avenues of attention.

after years of honing her talents in the city, bex moved once again to archbald, pennsylvania, in order to be closer to family and the environs that first sparked her artistic pursuits.  nearing two decades documenting her surroundings from behind her lens, bex finds joy in capturing moments that can never be recreated.